Surveys.  Got to love them. 

How satisfied are your students with your school?  Would they refer others to attend?  Do your graduates and their employers feel differently?  Many accreditors require schools to survey their various student populations.  Ensuring that standards are met, as well as collecting critical information for your institution is an important step to ensuring your institutions' sand your schools success. 

Our Survey Package Includes:



  • Professional question crafting
  • Statistical evaluation of response options
  • Integrated Question logic


  • Customized email send campaigns
  • Response tracking
  • Multi-send campaign to non-responders


  • Secure client login to Information Dashboard Service
  • Drill down, click through graph reporting
  • Downloadable reports, graphs, and maps
  • Downloadable source and custom spreadsheets
  • Easy to  filter qualitative responses

Survey Suite


Choose one, or all, of our preconfigured survey packages (with a little modification to meet your needs), or let us work with you to completely customize your own unique suite of surveys. 

Preconfigured Surveys


  • Student Surveys
  • Extern Surveys
  • Graduate Surveys
  • Employer Surveys


  • Withdrawn Student Surveys
  • Tutor Surveys
  • Faculty Surveys
  • Employee Surveys (HR)