The Pocket PC.  Small size, big benefits.  

For Students


We've been there.  You are a student on the go.  You use a computer at your friends house, your parents house, in the dorm, at the library, pretty much anywhere you have to.  Worst of all, no body has the same software!  The homework assignment you created in word 2010 doesn't seem to open  on other computers. 

A laptop seems like a great idea, but it is expensive, and a pain to carry around all day. 


Low cost, easily transportable

Works from any computer with a USB port and internet connection

Consistent desktop style user experience

Remembers your internet favorites and settings

Utilizes open processor and spreadsheet applications. 

No need to buy app or software

Avoid program compatibility errors

Already tested a Demo drive?

For Schools

Making a connection with students can be difficult.  The Pocket PC can be branded with your logo, linked directly to your schools LMS login page,  and help create a sense of consistency, service, and community with your student population.  

Additional uses can include creating a survey delivery platform to help collect feedback or suggestions from your students, having direct access to your online catalog and other important documents, and even connecting your students to your social media outlets to meet your students where they are.

Faculty Edition


Have direct access to your schools LMS login page from any computer without going through the hassle of typing it out every time. 

Teach online or for multiple schools?  No problem!  We can configure customized access to multiple pages, portals, and other instructional resources you use over and over.